Frank the Tank



Client: Ursus Breweries

Product: Frank the Tank

Services: Strategy | Interior design

Project overview: 

In 2018 Ursus’ ambition was to be leaders in HoReCa. To achieve this goal they have increased the footprint of flagship locations to breathe the Ursus brand. They didn’t just want to brand some locations, but they wanted to offer the consumer a 360 experience, to breathe the world of beer.

In these locations everything is about beer, about how it delivers an authentic experience and how beer is served from the tank – the freshest beer, unpasteurized and which is delivered directly from the factory. It’s like a beer festival where people socialize and share their experiences.

Frank the Tank is one of these places. Here, both, the interior and the exterior, breathe the Ursus brand, but not ostentatiously, but through the mood of the location and through brand elements, easily recognizable, but subtle. Not only the actual logo was used, but also elements from the world of beer (mug, tank, the ingredients from which the beer is made, etc.)

Frank the Tank is the only pub in Cluj with beer tanks. The project was realized together with Picktwo, interior design studio.