Lansare Timisoreana Nepasteurizata



Client: Ursus Breweries

Product: Alchoholic beverage

Channels: Timisoreana Nepasteurizata launch


Timisoreana Nepasteurizata has been launched in 2017, being the first Romanian craft beer to be tasted by the beer connaisseurs.

This project was born out of a desire to change perception of draft beer and created unprecedented experiences for consumers to get them out of their daily routine.

In order to gain awareness and likability among a wider market, Timisoreana Nepasteurizata has joined the most visible festivals and cultural events that took place this year, thus becoming a trustworthy companion that offers the participants the ultimate beer experience through the perfect serve: frosty special glass, frothy liquid, balanced taste, along with our brewers.

For this project, the agency gained a Effie Award, obtained in the “Shopper Marketing” category!