Napolact Tihna2GO



Client: Friesland Campina

Product: All drinkable products

Services: Brand Strategy | Creation |

Channels: In  Store

Napolact is a brand with high equity that can sustain business extensions, based on what he knows to do best.
At the rhythm of urban daily life, there is a growing demand for on-the-go eating solutions.
It is a long-term business opportunity, as this trend is constantly growing and developing.
There are dairy categories that penetrate more and more in daily snacking, at work, at school or at college, consumed on the go.

We seized the opportunity and developed Tihnă2GO, a campaign addressed to those who are looking for a snack on the run.  We identified key locations and combined Napolact products with other eating products and comunicated them under the umbrella Tihnă2GO. We designed a custom packaging and in store materials to highlight this consumption oportunity.