Client: Strauss Romania

Product: Coffee

Channels: In-store

Project overview:

Our client’s consumers loved drama (telenovelas or small talking while having a coffee), as they were lacking of spectacular daily happenings. Our challenge: to transform an ordinary visit to the hypermarket into an extraordinary shopping experience. The solution: an in-store theatre.

The characters: the mime (a living statue/ vivid POSM), his coup de foudre (an incognito shopper passing by), the narrator (a Doncafe hostess).

The mime was placed near Doncafe shelf, offering flowers to the shoppers and inviting them for a coffee. Suddenly he noticed a nice young lady (among shoppers), and looked like having an instant crush for her. He came to live and invited her to dance (the beautiful „Por una cabezza” tango played). Meanwhile, the narrator explained the Doncafe offer and invited shoppers to buy and enjoy the show.